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But if you’re anything like me, you need help to take your Virtual Assistant business to the next level. You just want someone to show you what steps to take to get there. You’re in the right place.

You’re smarter than you think you are, and you deserve success, not just to survive.

I once worked in a super-stressful, drama-filled work environment. My anxiety was through the roof and it made me physically ill and emotionally detached from my life.

After three months, I (thankfully) left that super-stressful job, began my VA business, and niched into the specialty of Executive Virtual Assistant. Then, I grew my client roster and scaled my business to Prestridge & Co, a team of Executive Virtual Assistants supporting and uplifting online entrepreneurs.

My EVA business allows me to be available for my kiddo, hubby, and our family without sacrificing my personal dreams. I grew from a team of me to a team of many, and I know the exact steps you can take to save you years of trial and error so you can have a thriving business that supports your dreams, too.

I believe you can build an authentic, next-level Virtual Assistant business. And I’ll give you all the advice and guidance I have so you can step into your power and build a business you love.

I’m Sadie, and I help Virtual Assistants reach the next level by empowering them with systems, skills, and structure so they can become respected, confident, highly-sought-after Executive Virtual Assistants.

Meet your educator

Let me take a sec to say hi and officially welcome you into the circle!

- Erin M.

Since working with Sadie, I built my confidence to handle a variety of client requests and communication. I learnt and am now comfortable working in many programs, building out systems and being forward thinking with clients. 

"I was able to organise my business in a way that saves me time and ensures I never miss anything important."

- Amanda M.

I am learning new things with platforms each and every day. The quality of resources and support Sadie gives to you is unmatched! 

"Since working with Sadie, I've noticed that my confidence in my skills has reached a new level for me as a VA."

- Jen G.

I've achieved a sense of clarity in my communication and the importance to understand each team member that I work with has a skillset that can be amplified. I learned how to best optimize a VAs time and ensure the clients are taken care of. 

"I learned different ways to organize myself and my business. I have more clarity in my day and sense of calm when looking at my inbox and calendar. "

- Taylor M.

I'm able to break up my day between dedicating time to my business and clients, and spending time with my family (the main goal I had when starting my business!).

"I'm no longer weighed down by an overwhelming list of things to do. I have systems in place that allow me to work in very manageable lengths of time."

- Jenn H.

"I learned how to better manage my time as an Executive Virtual Assistant by creating repeatable processes."

Working with Sadie helped me improve how (and how often) I communicate with my clients so they know what I'm working on and I know their top priorities. Now I have a solid structure around how I provide my services.

- Vanessa C.

With Sadie's help and insight into how she runs her business, I zoned into my areas of strength, worked on building out new services, and found clarity in what I wanted to offer online business owners.

"I built more confidence in my ability to breakdown a project into bite-sized steps, and this helped me complete projects in a more streamlined way."

- Jennifer S.

Inbox organization. Even with labels and folders, it can be overwhelming. I absolutely LOVED learning about the multiple inbox method and now use it in all of my email accounts. My inboxes are at zero!

"Sadie is very organized, and has thought of everything to ease a new VA into her role."

- Tiffany G.

Since working with Sadie I've set up client Chrome profiles, organized Google Drives, created numerous SOPs and Loom videos, and set up automations in many of the tools I use everyday.

"I've optimized and streamlined my business operations and have happy and satisfied clients."


1,000 Goldfish crackers served

300+ SOPs created for clients

Dozens of EVAs trained in the S3 Method

Whether your goal is to have more time with your family, generate extra income to supplement your household, or create a 6-figure business that allows you to work from anywhere, you can reach your dreams and do whatever you desire as an Executive VA!

Feel confident to present offers to aligned clients and know exactly how to support them.

It’s your time to…

Step into a higher level where you can do more of your genius work.

Support yourself just as much as you support others.

Learn new skills to grow your business so you can efficiently and easily manage multiple clients without losing your sanity.

Be there for your spouse, your kids, and all the joy life brings with them and be satisfied by the work you do.

Love what you do and who you do it for.

Balance being a business owner supporting other business owners.

Work with clients who respect and value you and your time (and make good money in the process).

You can be an elite, top tier EVA who stands out from others. I’ll show you the systems that’ll help you to work less and enjoy your life a lot more with clients who give a damn about you!

It’s time to go from general VA to next-level VA so you can create an empowered, aligned business that brings more profit and time freedom in your life.

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Free checklist of services
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