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In this FREE 3-day webinar series you'll get training and information to help you feel confident as you elevate to an Executive Virtual Assistant!

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You’re ready to be more than just a task-doer and order-taker. You have a dream of supporting high-level CEOs with forward-thinking services that actually help them make an impact in their business.

But something is keeping you stuck and working for mis-matched clients, offering hourly services you don’t like, and feeling like you’re not a valuable member of the team.

You tell yourself, "If only I could get a handle on closing sales calls with elevated clients, felt confident with a CEO-worthy onboarding process, and stayed organized and on top of my time with multiple clients (and myself would be nice, too)....maybe then!”

Friend, that time is now.

Make the next move in your virtual assistant business — to the executive level

Training with Sadie, founder of Prestridge & Co, a full service executive virtual assistant agency that supports CEOs, and The S3 Society: Systems, Support, and Success for Next-Level VAs

3 days of bite-sized yet highly-actionable webinars that will teach you the basics of sales, onboarding, and time management so you can be prepared to welcome in and work with high-level CEOs

Accountability, Q&As and more to take what you’ve learned and apply it as you niche into offering white-glove, Executive Virtual Assistant services

In this event, you’ll learn the basic systems you need to have in place so you feel ready for your next business step!

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How to format a discovery call and lead a call with confidence

Steps to follow so it's easy and painless

The exact format I’ve used (and taught others) to land clients

Day 1

Here’s What You’ll Learn!

How To Get and Keep Clients as a Virtual Assistant

You’ll have a step-by-step format for an amazing client discovery call so you can feel confident stepping up as the trusted expert.

The systems you need to make the onboarding process simple for everyone

Everything you need to think through and include so there are no hiccups getting started

Tips and processes that’ll help you feel like you’re prepared and able to handle onboarding a new client

Day 2

How to Onboard and Organize Your Virtual Assistant Clients

You’ll be prepared to onboard a client like a pro and you’ll know all the systems you need so you can make your clients feel fully supported and trust in you.

Time management tips to help you balance multiple clients without dropping any balls

The exact systems you need to set up with every client so you can easily manage multiple clients at once and keep them all happy

Apps to use and hacks to keep in mind so you don’t lose your sanity

Day 3

Time Saving Systems to Balance Multiple Virtual Assistant Clients

You’ll know the 3 must-have time management systems that’ll help you easily manage multiple clients so you can keep everyone (including yourself) happy and stress-free.

you’ll feel confident 

and empowered to level up your support as you gain more knowledge, offer high-touch services, and work with aligned clients as a next-level Executive Virtual Assistant.

- Vanessa C.

With Sadie's help and insight into how she runs her business, I zoned into my areas of strength, worked on building out new services, and found clarity in what I wanted to offer online business owners.

"I built more confidence in my ability to breakdown a project into bite-sized steps, and this helped me complete projects in a more streamlined way."

- Amanda M.

I am learning new things with platforms each and every day. The quality of resources and support Sadie gives to you is unmatched! 

"Since working with Sadie, I've noticed that my confidence in my skills has reached a new level for me as a VA."

- Jenn H.

"I learned how to better manage my time as an Executive Virtual Assistant by creating repeatable processes."

Working with Sadie helped me improve how (and how often) I communicate with my clients so they know what I'm working on and I know their top priorities. Now I have a solid structure around how I provide my services.


Whether your goal is to have more time with your family, generate some extra income to supplement your household, or create a 6-figure business that allows you to work from anywhere, you are capable and able to do whatever you desire as an Executive VA!

Hey there!

I’ve been where you are now. I quit my full-time job and was fully invested in my virtual assistant business. But I was scattered and taking on any project that would pay the bills.

I knew I wanted to assist high-level CEOs with client support, digital business organization, and administrative tasks. I just had no clue there were clients out there who needed this support, much less how to sell, market, and actually implement this type of service.

So I started from the ground up (again) to niche into this expert role working with these dream clients as an Executive Virtual Assistant.

Since then, I’ve helped countless virtual assistants transform their VA business into a fully systematized, irresistible Executive VA business.

I'm Sadie, Founder and CEO of Prestridge & Co, Sadie Prestridge, and The S3 Society

This VA to EVA Series is for you if you…

Currently feel unsure of how to actually do the thing, whether it’s have a sales call, create an onboarding sequence, or start working with clients

Want to feel prepared to work with multiple clients who love you and what you do

Deeply desire for clients to see you as capable, organized, and trustworthy

Are interested in reaching the next level in your Virtual Assistant business

I’m ready for the next level!

3 days of targeted, expert information

Training around sales, onboarding, and time management for Virtual Assistants

Learn how to get (and keep) clients as a next-level virtual assistant

Elevate your virtual assistant business!


3-day free webinar email series


3-day free webinar

VA to EVA Series

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